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TECH Talks: How to Use Your Network for Career Growth featuring Jennifer Nelson

In the most recent TECH Talks, hosted by Danny Cohen, VP at Computer Futures, we learn the no-fluff method to career growth and creating opportunities by leveraging your network from the global strategic leader, Jennifer Nelson, VP of Engineering Operations (title as of filming). 

What to focus on?

When looking to grow your career in tech, a key place to start is with what value you provide in the market place. When asked what would be her first advice to those people seeking their first IT job or are struggling right now in their career, given the current state of the world, Jennifer shares three key things to focus on, including skilling up and how to tap your network with confidence and ease.

  1. Skill up - Assess your skills in the market and determine what you need to learn. There are several places online, but two great resources in particular are LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.
  2. Talk to a recruiter - This is one of the easiest ways to get an insight scoop on the upcoming market opportunities, emerging programming languages you'll need to learn and more. If you're looking for an IT job or need talent for your upcoming IT project, get in touch with us here.
  3. Tap your network - Increase your chances of success by tapping into your network and using the exact strategies and techniques that Jennifer shares in the full interview below. The key here is clarity and confidence. As Jennifer shares in the full interview, it's about telling them exactly what you need and trusting that people want to help you. The key here is to be willing to help others in the future; it's a positive cycle. 

In the full version of the interview (see below), Jennifer shares more specific strategies and tactics on how to talk to people with confidence, how to grow your career in technology and how to create future opportunities for yourself and others.

Watch the full interview: