How to manage working from home with kids

In times of the Covid, schools and daycare centers are closed nationwide. Many workers are now pursuing their professional duties out of their home office. In most cases, it is probably wishful thinking that the child will play alone in his nursery all day long. We therefore, wanted to give you some practical tips to improve productivity and share how to manage working from home with kids.

1. Set up the workplace

In the first step, it is important that you set up your own workplace at home. Find a place where you can concentrate well and explain to your child that this place is only for you. You can put a book, coloring pages or a small puzzle near you so that you can give your child something to keep him busy if he or she interrupts you on an important phone call.


Tip: Set up a small office for your child too. Make a cardboard laptop and lay out a small notebook, pens and craft materials. This allows your child to sit at his own place of work while you are working.


2. Create a schedule

When working from home with children, it is particularly important to keep structure. Therefore, plan your day well and set fixed times, when you work, when you take breaks and sit down for meal times. Use your breaks to spend time with the family and soak up some sun together in good weather.


3. Get creative

Your child will benefit from particularly creative hobbies and activities. So let your child paint, tinker, knead or the like. Great things can be made from old egg boxes, toilet paper rolls and boxes, which you can use as spring decorations. Also, go outside to enjoy the fresh air with your child at least once a day and get enough exercise. Did you know? It takes a minimum of 20 minutes of walking, running or just moving your body to light up all the centers of your brain. If you find yourself getting brain fog, getting up and moving around can have a great impact on your mental clarity and mood!


4. Learn at home

As parents of school-age children, you face a special challenge. In addition to your own work, you are now your child's learning companion. Therefore, get an overview of your child's upcoming tasks in the morning and clarify questions that already arise.

Always plan short breaks in which you can look over your child's shoulder and support them. When all learning and homework is done, there is a great learning offer for all ages from the ARD. In the "School at home" program you will find a compilation of arithmetic problems, vocabulary training and more.

5. Cultivate digital friendships

It is also not possible for your child to meet friends. So that your child can continue to maintain their friendships, you should arrange to make phone calls or video chats. At the same time, it is important that you explain to your child why it is especially important that they cannot meet their friends at the moment. If you explain to him / her that his current behavior is helping to slow down the spread of the virus, you are giving your child the feeling that they are contributing something positive to the situation.


6. Stay positive!

Of course, the current situation can strain your nerves, however, it is important to focus on the positive things and make a choice to be grateful. For example working remote and having a home office, you save time commuting and can use that time for other pursuits. You are also saving money at the moment: You do not need a bus ticket or a full tank of gas and you do not buy an expensive lunch because you eat at home with your kids. Please share some of the positive things you're focusing on. We'd love to hear about it!


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