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Enhancing communities with quality Salesforce recruitment solutions

We’ve all read about the different obstacles facing countless institutions right now and the education space is far from immune to challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Ordinarily, summer break is a time for colleges to start preparing for the year ahead – but in true 2020 fashion, this wasn’t smooth sailing for Teachers College, Columbia University.

Avnish Kotecha, Senior Director at Computer Futures, spoke to us about how his team enabled the implementation of an entire Salesforce function so that a new intake of students could stay connected.

Partnering with Salesforce

At Computer Futures, we’re all about bringing skilled people together to build the future – but this year, many organizations have had to find creative ways to make this happen.

According to Avnish, ‘Over the past few years, we’ve established a trusted relationship through our registered partnership with Salesforce. And Jul Schaevitz has been leading this effort as our alliance manager. When the pandemic hit and businesses were in crisis, we were ready to support those in need. By using our tech staffing expertise, we were ready to offer expert Salesforce recruitment support.’ 

It all began when Salesforce approached Avnish, Jul, and the team with a request to put a project team together. Avnish continues, ‘By using our flexible staffing model and combining this with our Salesforce Higher Education experience, we were able to connect with the account executive to find a solution that supported the needs of the college.’

Creating communities through tech

Avnish continued, ‘Essentially, Teacher’s College at Columbia University needed a solution that would help their incoming students to maintain a world-class onboarding experience.’

For us, the solution was clear – Salesforce offered the tools to bring this virtual experience to life. For the college, there were multiple different routes to consider. According to Avnish, ‘It was down to our cost-effective offering, flexible staffing model, and knowledge of the Salesforce recruitment market that allowed us to implement this in a way that worked for our client.’

Innovative Salesforce recruitment solutions

Thankfully, Avnish, Jul, and the Salesforce recruitment team at Computer Futures had the right connections to make this happen. And they engaged with Selina Suarez, CEO at PepUp Tech, to bring their bold ambitions to life.

Avnish explains, ‘We’ve partnered with Selina for years now – PepUp Tech is an amazing initiative focused on giving people opportunities through Salesforce careers. The team really understands the importance of building personalized solutions through the product – we knew straight away that this collaboration was right.’

Selina was brought in to lead as the Salesforce architect for the project, bringing in a group of graduates with her to make it happen. The team at Computer Futures worked alongside her to project manage the entire implementation and ensure the college had a viable, personalized, and cost-effective solution.

Avnish continued, ‘Thanks to our knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, our position within the Salesforce recruitment space, and the strong network of professionals we’re in contact with, we were able to find the right people to make this a reality. This was an incredible challenge – finding the specialist talent to make it work and getting them to implement the Salesforce solution within such a short time frame was going to be tough. But thanks to our market knowledge, industry connections, and innovative approach, we made it happen! And we also helped to enhance the Salesforce careers of upcoming talent through Pep Up Tech in the process.’

Bringing skilled people together

Thanks to the work of the project team, the student experience at the teacher’s college within Columbia University is alive and thriving.

John Lombardi, Deputy CIO, was thrilled with the outcome, ‘I was impressed with the speed by which Computer Futures was able to put the team together. We had a very aggressive project schedule to deliver a virtual orientation solution for new students. The solution delivered has exceeded our expectations and was delivered on time. I will use Computer Futures again and highly recommend them.’

But this is only the beginning – we’re always thinking about what comes next. Our project team continue to provide ongoing support and are proactively discussing the next phases of projects that will help the college to learn more about the full potential of Salesforce.

Thanks to the incredible Salesforce community, our amazing account director, the inspiring work of PepUp Tech, and our awesome project team at Computer Futures, this community is staying connected!

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