How IT contractors can enrich your company

06 Oct 2020

Should you hire external IT talent? There are many advantages to hiring external IT contractors and we've outlined a few main reasons you'll want to consider hiring contractors for your next tech project.

TECH Talks: featuring Amanda Osuna

01 Oct 2020

What is a 'Courageous Call Out?' TECH Talks guest Amanda Osuna shares how she and her team hold themselves accountable and achieve consistent growth.

Update from Gemma Branney, Head of CSR at Specialist Staffing Group

29 Sep 2020

The bottom line is clear – a strong ESG proposition doesn’t weaken a company’s financial position, it strengthens their return. This data clearly demonstrates that that when CR&S is authentically embedded into the fabric and culture of an organization, that business is more likely to be successful.

Is Dreamforce 2020 still happening?

25 Sep 2020

The events of 2020 leave us all looking forward to precedented times where events like Dreamforce 2020 are still happening, but at this moment in time, it looks like Salesforce events will need to take a different look.

TECH Talks: The One Thing featuring Jeff Witt

17 Sep 2020

How do you get more done in less time? How do you achieve your personal and business goals with ease? Focus on 'the one thing,' as our technology expert, Jeff Witt, discusses in this week's TECH Talks.

TECH Talks: featuring CTO Bryan Mishkin

10 Sep 2020

Is remote work reliable? Google, Twitter and Facebook think so and are extending their work from home until 2021. This TECH Talks, we sit down with CTO and leader, Bryan Mishkin, who shares how technology adoption has been sped up after COVID and how businesses are adapting in the coming months and years.

Basics of programming languages ​​with tips for job searching

01 Sep 2020

Around three decades ago, the time was easy for developers. Because back then there was neither the World Wide Web that we know today, nor smartphone apps, Industry 4.0 or digital change. IT experts are now among the sought-after applicants on the job market. But which programming languages ​​are important and what role do they play in the application?

Using our recruitment skills to help those impacted by the pandemic

20 Aug 2020

Our volunteering initiative supports professionals who have been impacted by the pandemic - hear from Jacob Silverman, the recruitment consultant who started it all.

TECH Talks: How Corporate Culture Responds in the Era of Hard Questions

20 Aug 2020

How companies have handled the many events happening around the world including the global COVID pandemic, and civil rights in America and how it shows the need for diversity and inclusion now more than ever.