How To Hire Mobile App Developers In 2022

24 May 2022

How To Hire Mobile App Developers in the Ever-Changing Industry Landscape of 2022

A job interview candidate asking a prospective employer questions about the role and benefits

10 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview As The Candidate

03 May 2022

Jobs are evolving, but some things stay timeless. Check out tips from Computer Futures experts on what questions impress at a job interview.

A jobseeker on their computer researching their expected salary range for their next role

How To Know Your Worth - And Determine Your Salary Range

21 Apr 2022

Adapt your expectations to the job landscape of the Great Resignation, with a redefined workplace, and evolved salary expectations.

Office space with smiling employees as one enjoys resigning from their job in grace

How To Leave A Job With Grace - Without Burning Any Bridges

04 Apr 2022

Putting your notice in at a job doesn't have to be stressful. Check out our tips for leaving your job gracefully, and with no burned bridges.

Degree Inflation and Professional Recruitment

15 Mar 2022

40 years ago, a college education meant that an applicant for a mid-level position was leagues ahead of their competition for a limited number of open positions with a company. The term ‘degree inflation’ has been around for a while but it has recently become a common phrase in the discussions of the great resignation, inter-generations judgments, and a broken system of economic conditioning that targets vulnerable young people.

Attract a Recruiter's Attention with Your LinkedIn Profile

09 Mar 2022

Whether you've decided to enter the job market or are just open to opportunities if they come up, LinkedIn is the single best place to get started on your next career move. 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn, which is used to connect hundreds of millions of people with their next interview. Other than setting yourself as "open to work" or turning on your green ring, there are some relatively simple ways to make your profile catch a recruiter's eye and position yourself as a top candidate.

What is a Salesforce Architect?

14 Feb 2022

One of the most lucrative, exclusive, important jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem is a Salesforce Architect. To use Salesforce most effectively for the best results and return on investment, the technology must be interwoven throughout an entire organization. These are all reasons why the top Salesforce users partner with Computer Futures, and why top Salesforce professionals have Computer Futures representing them to potential employers.

Top Tips for a Successful Job Interview

31 Jan 2022

Whatever tech job you're going for, interviews can be tricky even for qualified, experienced professionals. Here are a few ways to prepare and set yourself up for success.

Are People Really Going Back to the Office in 2022?

12 Jan 2022

Organizations are scrambling and struggling to find a working model that is sustainable and satisfactory for all employees, all the time. Rather than asking what the future of work is, or what employees expect of employers, companies should be asking how to bring the best out of their people to unlock their true potential.