Don't Stop Your Job Search During the Holidays

13 Dec 2021

It's a common and detrimental misconception that all hiring stops during the holidays. Companies are setting up now to hire their rockstar teams in 2022. By adjusting your job search strategy for the season, you can position yourself to be ahead of the competition for the best roles on the market.

Top 7 Salesforce Jobs of 2021

22 Nov 2021

From bridging the gap between a company and their Implementation Partner, setting up new procedures and systems, or advancing interdepartmental support, companies need talent that provides business solutions to their teams. These are the top roles Computer Futures filled in the last year for our clients in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Time to Move On From Your Current Role

03 Nov 2021

Are you thinking about joining the Great Resignation? People are leaving their jobs in pursuit of better salaries, benefits, and company cultures in this competitive job seekers' market. Here are a few indicators to help you decide whether it's time for you to pursue your next role.

Follow Up After a First Job Interview

20 Oct 2021

The question of whether a follow up after a first interview is pushy will always be a matter of opinion. After 35 years in the staffing industry, we tell what you what to do after you finish your first interview with a company to make yourself stand apart from the rest and set your career path up for success.

What Does a Recruiter Look For in Tech Talent?

04 Oct 2021

Today's tech talent market favors candidates over employers just like most industries. Technology is more lucrative a field than ever before as businesses all over the globe have had to adapt their digital business practices. As many jobs as there are on the market, tech professionals can often take their pick of contract and project-based roles, while businesses compete for the top candidates.

Five ways tech companies can speed up their hiring process

30 Sep 2021

When it comes to securing the best technology talent, it’s important to move fast. Talent shortages in this sector mean most candidates will not struggle to find offers, and businesses with slow hiring processes are likely to see the best talent slip through the net.

Mel Gidlow: My Career as a Recruiter

09 Sep 2021

Mel Gidlow, Principal Recruitment Consultant with Computer Futures, describes how she began her career as a new recruiter and found her passion for helping people find their next roles.

5 Reasons To Work With a Staffing Firm

01 Sep 2021

Finding your next role through a recruiter has benefits that will help make or break your success in getting the role you want. Here are 5 things in particular that you have to gain by working with Computer Futures.

Top Soft Skills for a Successful Tech Career

12 Aug 2021

What's more important, certifications or experience? This is the most common question we receive, and the short answers are: "both" and "it depends". An arguably more valuable question, one that is addressed far less often in the tech industry, is that of how to develop the soft skills needed to succeed in your career to get promoted, find clients, and/or make connections.