TECH Talks: How Corporate Culture Responds in the Era of Hard Questions

In our recent TECH Talks, featuring Madison Butler, "the blue-haired" recruiter, we discuss the humanity behind companies and how people are being impacted by the current state of affairs in the world. Many companies have stepped up and taken care of their employees during the global COVID pandemic, civil rights in America, and other social and political movements. While other companies have not faired well. They are all being noticed and this awareness has shifted the future of work to mean that talented people are choosing to work at companies that align with their values and mission.

Our social and political experiences and challenges are reshaping the corporate culture. Please watch this articulate interview with Ms Butler, who has an insider perspective as VP of People & Culture. It's a great reminder that we all have a voice and that it is in everyone's best interest to use it.


Watch the full interview with Madison Butler below:

"People are going to start noticing, who they want to work for, and I think companies are starting to realize that we don't have to work for them." - Madison Butler

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