What is next after the smartphone?

Get the exclusive insider information straight from those who are actively building the mobile future. 

In a world that is still under various degrees of lockdown and social distancing, we've seen the demand for online immersive experiences skyrocket and in turn, making the mobile development field one of the hottest, in-demand job markets today. The smartphone and tablet sales are reaching plateaus, where as we're starting to see a shift to technology like VR and AR as well as the rearchitecting backend systems for encryption and data security improvements.

So, what does life and business look like beyond the smartphone? It's a world full of digital, immersive experiences that range from more in-depth functionality within iOS and Android apps as well as the expanding markets of virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality that are changing the way we work and play by translating our real-life experiences into the new frontiers of digital worlds beyond the smartphone.

Join us for our TECH Talks Live Roundtable event where we've pulled some of the top-tier developers and leaders in the mobile space together for a live discussion around building the experiences that are coming to platforms and devices beyond the smartphone. Learn about the recent shift in demand of skill sets from our panel of experts actively building and orchestrating cutting-edge projects.

Discussion points include:

  • What are some of the most innovative mobile projects on the market today?
  • What are the best future opportunities in mobile development?
  • What are the top sources for reskilling and upskilling?
  • How is remote working impacting a shift in demand of skill sets?


  • Danny Cohen, Senior Vice President, Computer Futures (Moderator)
  • Chris McKinney, Senior Director, Computer Futures (Comoderator)
  • Jordan Higgins, Head of Immersive Experience at U.Group
  • Sierra OBryan, Senior Android Developer
  • Max Cabrera, Lead Software Engineer at Keller Williams


  • 11:00 am (CT) – welcome and introductions
  • 11:05 am (CT) – roundtable discussion
  • 11:45 am (CT) – Q&A

Get involved: Ask questions in advance when you register for this event, or live, and we'll try to answer as many of these as we can.

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