As a Test Development Engineer you will be part of a scrum team and the testing and automating the test cases (system level) of the new features developed in the scrum team.

You encourage the other team members to write component tests and helps defining what tests need to be automated on component and/or system level.

You have a good view if the newly developed feature is ready to release to the customer.

Level: 3 years work experience in embedded (C++), 3 years work experience in Python.

In this role, the following is required:
- Quality minded. Think customer centric.
- Self steering, since most of the work will be defined by yourself.
- Good Python knowledge.
- Embedded experience.
- Communicative, since you are the quality voice in your team. But you will also have to align with the Test Development Engineers of other teams, located in Kortrijk, India, Taiwan and Romania.

Working day:
2 days onsite, 3 days working from home.

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Happy tp help

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