The tech industry has always evolved faster than the hiring market could keep up with, though this was never more true than in 2020 through 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic turned businesses across the globe on their heads. The need for increased technological resources reached almost every corner of every industry, changing the definition of competitive talent for the most innovative companies. 

The State of the Tech Job Market

Is the Salesforce Market Over Saturated with Talent?

In our latest Salesforce virtual event, we sat down with some of the most successful and influential members of the Salesforce community.

Prior to 2020, we and our expert guests would have asserted that there were in fact certain areas that had become over saturated with talent for the tech job market, especially admin roles. The sense of urgency in adopting technology varied greatly according to company culture and resources available.

  • Companies that had embraced technology within their businesses were still hiring regularly, but the market was far more plentiful.
  • Companies that did not embrace technology were slow to invest in additional resources, especially those that valued more traditional businesses practices.
  • Startups with limited ability to compete in their markets were unable to integrate technology to become more competitive.
  • Tech professionals and staffing firms often had to adhere to regional restrictions as per their clients' schedules and culture preferences.

Then the pandemic happened.

After the initial scramble to adapt to remote working, companies are reaping the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home, including increased productivity, job satisfaction, higher quality, and the financial benefits associated therein. 

As Sheldon Simmons points out, the more companies in need of technological solutions, the more jobs there are in the tech industry, the more needs there are in tech staffing. With the playing field more leveled for younger companies, the demand for tech talent has never been higher, as Brigette Sjoboen articulates. 

When searching for new positions on the tech job market, be sure to consider the perspective of your ideal company so as not to be excluded from application opportunities. As Jennifer Lee says, not every company searching for a Salesforce administrator is going to know the phrase "Salesforce Admin", especially if their hiring efforts are internal rather than contracted through a Salesforce staffing firm like Computer Futures. Optimize your resume and your search efforts to attract the attention you need and to find the job posting most applicable to you.

Reach out to your network for word of opportunities with growing companies, volunteer your tech skills with a charity or non-profit to demonstrate your abilities to a wider market, and locate resources to skill up or keep abreast of changing trends. We offer more suggestions to utilize your network in our previous article, Make the Most of Your Network.

How To Choose Your Tech Career Goals

What Factors Influenced the Career Path You're on Today?

To each their own, so start on your ideal career path by identifying what you enjoy. Sheldon Simmons describes how he was always drawn to technology and enjoyed the ever-changing landscape. When he discovered Salesforce, he was hooked on the mission to make Salesforce work for businesses. His work has taken him all over the globe, working on groundbreaking projects for major companies who need his consultancy. 

Creativity and technology go hand in hand, drawing in talented professionals from every walk of life and background. There are so many different areas of the tech industry to explore, varying from ultra creative to exceptionally operational. A good work ethic combined with passion for a profession will lead you through the exploration process to your ideal career path.

The most crucial step to taking your tech career to the next level is to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a professional. Hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses for the job you want in two years. Taking your tech career to the next level requires more than certifications, connections, or soft skills alone. 

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