The latest BLS report is out and once again, we've seen major growth in one sub-sector of the U.S. workforce - more professionals than ever are taking on two full-time jobs. If you fall into this category or are thinking about it, we've gathered the top 5 tips from our experts on how to be successful in managing a very full workload.

The latest numbers from the BLS

It goes far beyond multi-tasking. The newest trend – people with one full-time job taking on a second full-time job – has exploded in recent months. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of September 2022, more than 420,000 working people in the US have two full-time jobs. This number has increased by 138,000 from the start of the year. This is only 28,000 people less than the increase for all of 2021 and we predict this trend is just going to continue increasing as more and more companies offer remote work opportunities for their employees. Additionally, with inflation hitting a 40-year high in June, many working people have found themselves searching for solutions. Now, “side gigs” are turning into full-blown second jobs.

Top tips to succeed with two full-time jobs

If this is something you’re considering, we want to help ensure you maximize your time, stay mentally healthy and succeed. Here are our top 5 tips for managing two full-time jobs:

1. Stay organized

If you are going to be taking on a second full-time job, you’ll need to organize your workloads so that you are able to complete tasks well, and on time. Consider the methods that you know work for your organization type, whether they be computerized or even old-school paper and pencil. Keep your to-do lists for both jobs separately so that you can see which tasks lay ahead for each job.

2. Manage your time wisely

Many people who have taken on second full-time jobs note that they are able to maximize their workday to complete the work required by both their full-time jobs. When long commutes and in-person responsibilities are removed from the equation, you may find you have more spare time during normal work hours. Utilizing the spare time in your normal workday is an efficient way to complete your responsibilities for your second job, without compromising your personal time.

3. Set boundaries

As we all learned during the 2020 Pandemic, maintaining a good work/life balance is vital to all working people. You’ll want to set parameters for working both of your jobs so that you don’t lose all of your free time to your second job. Schedule your day in a way that allows you enough time to complete your responsibilities for both jobs, but also make sure to schedule time for you. Continuing to get exercise, good sleep, and making time for friends and family are important in keeping you physically and mentally fit, and ready to take on the extra tasks of your second full-time job.

4. Preserve your first job

While many working people describe taking a second full-time job as “doomsday prepping”, your first job should be protected as much, if not more, than your second full-time job. It is important that you continue the quality of work in your first job, keeping your standards and level of commitment high. If your second job is taking too much time or energy, it could possibly damage your performance and relationships at your first job. Your first job should be your first priority, unless you have decided to move on from it. Also, make sure you have a good understanding of your rights regarding a second job. Most companies require that there be no conflict of interest and that you do not work for competitors.

5. Utilize a recruitment agency, like Computer Futures, to land the perfect second job

So how do you find that perfect second full-time job? Working with a recruitment agency could be the solution. If you’re looking to find a job within the tech world - Computer Futures should be your first choice. We are a globally leading specialist technology recruitment company with over 35 years of tech recruitment experience.

As IT recruitment and employment specialists, we understand everyone’s looking for something slightly different from their next role. That’s why our consultants work closely with you to fully understand your skills, experience, and requirements. For some people, work-life balance and flexibility is crucial, yet for others a generous benefits package could be what you’re looking for. By getting to know you, we can find a position that’s the right technical and cultural fit, so that you’re fulfilled both professionally and personally.

What’s next? Get in touch with us!

Regardless of your reasons for deciding to take on a second full-time job, make sure you’re following these tips to ensure your success in your career. Contact our team today to help find the perfect fit for your first, or second full-time job!