What Soft Skills Contributed to Your Success?

What's more important, certifications or experience? This is the most common question we receive from applicants which we have covered extensively in prior articles and webinars. The short answers are: "both" and "it depends". An even better question, one that is addressed far less often in the tech industry, is how to develop the soft skills needed to succeed in your career to get promoted, find clients, and make connections. Even the most talented professionals need to communicate with others in their work. 

  • Communication - Jennifer Lee explains that transparent communication contributed most to her credibility early in her career.
  • Motivation - demonstrate your desire to keel learning new skills continually, and push yourself to be better and more valuable.
  • Business acumen - connecting with your services users and understanding their needs will help you create comprehensive solutions to their problems.
  • Curiosity - utilize opportunities to grow. Do not be afraid to ask your colleagues and leadership questions to gain a better understanding of complex issues.
  • Observation - attend meetings or review projects outside of your parameters to learn how your colleagues interact, problem solve, and work as a team.
  • Diplomacy - approach questions at the appropriate time, with the appropriate tone, and in an appropriate way to avoid interrupting and portraying condescension. 
  • Resourcefulness - respond to questions to which you do not know the answer with a commitment to figure out a solution, and then do the due diligence to find the best one.
  • Confidence - do not become discouraged or flustered when encountering problems. No one knows EVERYTHING about your industry. Embrace your ability to say "I don't know but I will find out".

Technological solutions like Salesforce are investments a company has made in its own success. These soft skills are not just a compliment to technical skills, but also a means to connect with the business for a better overall result for you and for them. Sheldon Simmons' ability to communicate honestly and effectively has been a major advantage over the course of his career, especially when he was just starting out in Salesforce and lacked technical expertise. 

Take every opportunity to become better at what you do. Adopting a transparent, solutions-based attitude will always keep you true to your best work.