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Why Computer Futures?

Before being awarded the contract to support this client in upgrading their Salesforce Service Cloud
instance, we placed individual Salesforce experts into the team on an ad-hoc basis. We successfully placed 6 contract specialists with APEX and Lightning Web Components experience into their team. From there, our client, a leading global consulting and IT firm headquartered in the US knew they could rely on us to source the sought-after tech specialists they needed for future projects across a range of Salesforce, Java, .NET, and functional roles.

The Requirements

For their internal IT project, our client required Salesforce expertise on a contract basis to modernize their entire Salesforce Service instance and eliminate months of tech debt.

They required high-quality Salesforce specialists, including Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, Business Analysts, Solutions Architects and Quality Assurance experts to meet this goal.

How we helped

Our client needed Salesforce expertise in a short time frame, and due to our built-in contractor quality
checks, we were able to place over 25 Salesforce contractors into the project within 6 weeks. The niche roles ranged from technical specialists to strategic leadership positions. By consistently delivering the right expertise into the team, we built trust with them over the course of 18 months, which contributed to us being awarded exclusivity on this modernization project.

What did the client think?

"We were familiar with Computer Futures (CF) from their work on our Salesforce teams in 2021 but as the planning was picking up steam we brought CF in to essentially "Pitch" as one of our staffing partners. After discussion with each of the team managers we decided to keep all of the hiring with CF as we could streamline feedback and OB process to make it as efficient as possible. CF was a great partner with top talent and quick response times. We staffed 25 contractors in four weeks and very appreciative of the time and efforts of the entire CF team.” – IT Director