Since the cell phone first became standard in the pocket of almost every person in the developed world, the rate of advancement in mobile technology has continually scaled upward every year as consumer preferences shifted. With the rise in access comes in turn a rise in demand for app developers as businesses attempt to keep pace with the most innovative technology. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, from Retail to Education, there seems to be no stopping the upward trend in mobile adaptation of web-based businesses.

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Most in-demand mobile jobs

These are the mobile roles placed most with top clients in the last year:

  • Senior iOS Developer - $143,772*
  • Senior Android Developer - $148,268
  • ReactNative Developer - $78,275
  • Xamarin Developer - $88,853

*Average salary in U.S. Dollars pertaining to roles within the United States according to

The most highly sought-after skills in the mobile space have been front-end facing iOS and Android Developers, working on the User Interface for client applications. We have seen older technologies like Objective-C and Java overtaken by new, more adaptive languages such as Swift and Kotlin. These new languages are important as they are not only easier to code in but also provide fewer bugs and fewer lines of code. Additionally, we have observed that more companies are starting to use cross-platform languages like React Native and Xamarin to lower their team cost and avoid having to hire talent for both platforms.

One qualification of a Senior in this role 5-7+ years of quantifiable experience, usually having worked on the full software development life cycle, shipping the app out to the Apple store or Google Play Store. Most Computer Futures clients preferred candidates who have a history of work on applications that touched millions of users or was downloaded at least in the hundreds of thousands times.

Senior level candidates in these roles are typically focusing on new feature development, having surpassed a mid-level position focused on more mundane tasks (bug-fixing and maintenance). At this point in their careers, they can choose what features to work on and have ownership on that part of the application based on their preference for creativity in their projects.

Additionally, we frequently place tech professionals in the following mobile roles:

  • Mobile QA Tester
  • Mobile Automation Tester
  • Mobile SDET
  • Mobile Technical Writer
  • Mobile Release Developer
  • React.js Front-end Developer
  • Node.js Back-end Developer

Who's Hiring in Mobile?

While mobile app development roles are needed in almost every industry, some are further along the path of advancement than others. Especially as the Covid-19 pandemic shifted consumer expectations so thoroughly and quickly, these are the industries with major companies requesting Computer Futures' help sourcing the most talented and skilled developers today:

  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Personal Finance
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Gaming

The demand is not evenly spread between project-based contracted work and full-time employment. Through the product/app life cycle, the company’s needs shift from creation and implementation to maintenance and modification.

Building new user-interface features on existing apps using the latest technology requires a certain dedication and commitment on the part of the candidate. As quickly as information becomes obsolete in the mobile industry, the most exceptional tech professionals are able to offer knowledge and expertise in the newest technology. Providing a customer or user an exceptional experience on an app is no longer enough when compared to the most dazzling and intuitive features possible. The more a developer continues to skill up, the more opportunities are available to them as trailblazing talent at the top of the candidate pool.

Insight from our Specialists

Computer Futures especially thanks Andy Lim, Senior Executive Consultant, for his contribution to this article. Andy joined the Computer Futures team in 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area as an Associate Recruitment Consultant and has since been promoted five times. Our leadership team has him on our Manager Fast Track to make best use of his skills, talents, and winning personality. He has been awarded Best in Class NPS (Customer Service) across the company, ended 2020 as our #1 biller, opened relationships with Fortune 10 and Fortune 100 companies, and more. 

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