Don't Stop Your Job Search During The Holidays (8)

Nick Ferraro started his career at Computer Futures in 2015 as a Senior Salesforce Consultant working with the San Francisco market. After three years of stellar performance, he relocated to New York City in 2018 to establish the market and build a Salesforce recruitment team in the East Coast market. By utilizing the Mobility Program that Computer Futures parent company Specialist Staffing Group offers, Nick was able to smoothly transition from coast to coast and start the new phase of his life and career in NYC. A few years later, Nick is happy with his decision to head to New York, adding “relocating completely changed the course of my life for the better.” 

At the time of his move, Nick was beginning to feel a bit stagnant in San Francisco and thought it might be time for a life change. “I was comfortable. I knew I could stay doing exactly what I was doing for the rest of my 20’s, but that wasn’t going to be fulfilling,” Nick shares. So, when the opportunity presented itself, Nick said it was a no brainer and packed up for his cross country move.

Moving to a new city can be an intimidating leap of faith, especially if you don’t have a community to show you around and provide stability. Nick says, “I knew next to nobody while moving to NYC, but I was confident in my work, my abilities, and the opportunity in front of me.” 

The biggest piece of advice that Nick has to offer when completing a move like this is to build friendships with both your colleagues and groups of people that you don’t know as well, and to just say yes to new experiences. He adds, “don’t try to replicate the life you had before but embrace the new experiences and opportunities in front of you, put yourself out there and people will take care of you.”

Today, after about 5 years in NYC, Nick has successfully grown the east coast market and has moved all the way up to the Director of Computer Futures. Nick shares, “I made the move when I was only a Senior Consultant, and it has elevated my career in a way I never expected. Specialist Staffing Group was the stability in my life and allowed me to reestablish myself as a professional and individual.” Now, after experiencing firsthand the assistance of the Mobility Program and a successful move, Nick encourages anyone with a similar opportunity to take advantage of it. 

We’re thrilled that our Mobility Program has benefited so many of our employees, and we encourage organizations to establish similar programs to help their team members smoothly transition through the relocation process!