Throughout 2020, we spoke to over 1,500 clients, contractors, and niche recruitment consultants across multiple STEM markets to learn more about how they have been impacted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This Client Insight Report outlines our findings of how demand for specialists STEM skills has changed for the "new normal" across the globe.

Key Takeaways:

  • The workforce of the future is set to be more flexible and resilient.  45% of clients need more adaptable people and 37% are adopting Agile methodologies.
  • Digital transformation is accelerating. 48% of our clients are investing in technology resilience.
  • Despite everything, demand for STEM talent still exceeds supply. 48% of our clients are struggling to find people with the right skills. 31% say that finding the right candidates in the right location is a challenge.

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STEM skills are in demand

With an unprecedented health crisis triggering lockdowns in most geographies, businesses had to rapidly reprioritize, reimagine customer journeys and adapt to new working environments. Our insight shows that acceleration of digital transformation, rebuilding supply chain resilience, and the future of work in a world of remote working are the top concerns for businesses globally. Despite the increase in the number of applicants in this competitive job market, half our clients struggle to find candidates with the right blend of skills.

What our clients had to say about their experiences:

  • Remote work is here to stay - but there have been challenges. Remote working has impacted the organization's perspective.
  • Flexibility is key. As they have had to adapt, so have their needs in a candidate.
  • Increased investment in digital transformation improves resilience and ensures recovery.

What our candidates had to say:

  • Remote is working. The STEM ecosystem has largely adapted well to remote work and have enhanced productivity.
  • Job seekers are more open minded. Businesses can access untapped talent from a wider pool, changing the competitive hiring landscape.


What the future of STEM staffing holds:

The need to bring skilled people together to build the future has never been more relevant. With the rapid shifts in organizational priorities from 2020, even more changes are coming in 2021. The IT sector is continuing to strengthen, possibly with deferred strategic transformation projects overtaking business continuity projects. Computer Futures and SThree are working together to help our clients and candidates navigate the new working world.