The latest BLS report is out and once again, we've seen major growth in one sub-sector of the U.S. workforce - more professionals than ever are taking on two full-time jobs. While many organizations are automatically ruling out hiring a candidate who is taking on a second full-time job, we're finding these candidates are actually some of the best in the business. 

The latest numbers from the BLS

It goes far beyond multi-tasking. The newest trend – people with one full-time job taking on a second full-time job – has exploded in recent months. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of September 2022, more than 420,000 working people in the US have two full-time jobs. This number has increased by 138,000 from the start of the year. This is only 28,000 people less than the increase for all of 2021 and we predict this trend is just going to continue increasing as more and more companies offer remote work opportunities for their employees. Additionally, with inflation hitting a 40-year high in June, many working people have found themselves searching for solutions. Now, “side gigs” are turning into full-blown second jobs.

Why shouldn't you rule out a candidate with multiple jobs?

Many employers are concerned with this trend, stating they worry their new hire who is already employed full-time won’t be as focused or will put their new workload on the back burner. But this is the reality of the current market and ruling out a qualified candidate because they’ve already got a full-time gig will just narrow an ever-shrinking pool of potential new hires. Plus, you likely already have employees who are doing this. So, is there an upside to your employees having more than one full-time job? We think there is. Employees that commit themselves to more than one job share some incredible skill sets. Here are five characteristics that make these high-quality candidates:

1. Excellent self-discipline

Working people that are able to manage their time wisely and effectively while working more than one full-time job all have self-discipline that is unlike their peers. These employees are able to utilize their spare time in ways that are actually beneficial to your company. They aren’t spending their free time perusing social media or catching up on gossip sites. Instead, they’re using their time to complete their to-do lists for both their jobs.

2. Top of the class communication skills

In order to manage multiple full-time jobs, one must have excellent communication skills. Most jobs that employees are finding as a second full-time job are remote positions. These employees need to be able to utilize multiple types of communication technology such as video conferencing, VoIP phone systems, email and other messaging systems. The employees that are balancing more than one full-time job have a strong handle on all of these communication tools and are able to switch between their jobs seamlessly.

3. Work smarter – not harder

Working people that have two full-time jobs have the ability to multitask and manage multiple job duties at once. You can guarantee that these employees have excellent time management skills and are finding ways to complete quality work in the time they have available for each of their positions. They truly take the “work smarter, not harder” mindset to heart. These employees are the problem solvers you need in your company.

4. Ability to compartmentalize

When you look at employees that have the ability to successfully manage working two full-time jobs, you will find people with strong emotional intelligence. These employees can tune in to the task at hand while tuning out distractions. Employees that can compartmentalize and switch contexts quickly can transition between tasks smoothly and effectively. This ability allows them to focus on important tasks while minimizing trivial events.

5. Specialized skill sets

Employees that are working more than one full-time job often come with specialized skill sets that you need within your company. Tech roles are some of the most sought positions by people looking for a second full-time job. Employers may find that their employees are able to improve their skills, or even add new skills, by working for more than one company.

Work with Computer Futures to ensure the best fit

Regardless, if you are hiring someone in their first or second full-time job, a question you may be asking now is, “How do I make sure that the employees we hire are top-quality and won’t fizzle out too soon?” Working with Computer Futures, you can guarantee that the employees you hire are fully vetted with our industry-leading accreditation process. We give skilled professionals the chance to stand out from the crowd and provide your business with full transparency when it comes to finding highly skilled and qualified professionals.

Our four-step accreditation process includes a 30–45-minute telephone screening that allows us to learn crucial details about the candidate’s recent projects, including any positions currently held. Next, we complete our technical testing that allows us to identify key attributes such as cultural fit, locality, US work status, and verify any necessary certifications. Once a candidate has passed through both of these accreditation steps, we meet the candidate in person or virtually to further ensure credibility and cultural match. The final step in our accreditation process is to verify references. Our extensive accreditation process means we're able to create partnerships between you and the most trustworthy, reliable, and highly skilled professionals in the marketplace. If you’re ready to take your new hires to the next level, contact us today!