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Whether you’re a global company looking to implement Salesforce or a small start-up with an existing team, Salesforce recruitment can be tough – especially in such a candidate-driven market.

So, how can you get ahead of the curve? Well, we caught up with some of our specialist Salesforce recruitment consultants find out what advice they’d offer businesses looking to attract top Salesforce talent.

Create an impressive Salesforce recruitment job ad

The first one might be a no-brainer, but it’s something lots of companies forget. If your Salesforce recruitment advert doesn’t accurately showcase the core responsibilities, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The best adverts go further and tell a story that the candidate can see themselves stepping into.

Similarly, think about the skills you’re asking for – have you listed everything in a way that makes sense and made sure you’re including super important skills? Make sure the skills being asked for are relevant - otherwise, how can you expect to find the right talent ? Job adverts can often have a cookie cutter feel, so talking about your company culture is also valuable.

Salesforce certifications and badges aren’t everything

For Salesforce careers, certifications are obviously important – but don’t let them blind your judgment. Someone with 5+ certificates and 100+ Salesforce badges  is obviously going to catch your eye, but what else can they offer? Tangible experience of using just one Salesforce certification that’s going to add value to your team is probably more important than being certified in other less relevant areas.

Context is key – our Salesforce recruitment consultants don’t just look for buzzwords and present you with candidates based on their Salesforce resume alone. We qualify everything and measure it against your business objectives – and this really makes the difference.  

Understand Salesforce

We appreciate that you may not have the time, resource, or personnel to really get to grips with the details of Salesforce. That’s why all our Salesforce recruitment consultants are market specialists with knowledge of the biggest challenges and opportunities when it comes to Salesforce careers. And they understand this on a local level, so they can offer in-depth knowledge that will truly impact your needs – helping you to separate a good Salesforce resume from a great Salesforce resume!

Offer development

Our very own Salesforce MVP, Stephanie Herrera, has expressed her passion regarding the importance of businesses investing in professional development. It’s critical to the future of the ecosystem that people are given the space to grow, learn, and develop in their Salesforce careers – and it’s down to employers offer this development.


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Whether that means putting professionals through Salesforce certifications or investing in in-house training is up to you, but development should be a key focus.

Remember, the Salesforce community is a highly connected network. If you’ve empowered a Salesforce pro to upskill and invested in their future, other skilled talent will hear about your commitment to developing Salesforce careers.

Research the right Salesforce pay rate

True, money isn’t everything. But if you want to attract the BEST Salesforce professionals, you should consider offering a competitive pay rate or salary in your location.  Salesforce is a niche skillset - everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem is looking to work with the latest and greatest technology to stay relevant and on top of the platform.

This is exceptionally true when we’re talking about contract work – while employees looking for permanent positions may be more enticed by additional benefits, it’s likely that contract Salesforce talent will be looking for an impressive pay rate. Candidates want to work with the latest Salesforce technologies, which is why the market is primarily contract. So, if you’re looking for an outstanding Salesforce developer to work on a niche project – it’s important you’re prepared with a solid budget. If you get the best, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run !

Think about your interview process

We get it, timelines are strict. But remember, while you may be the one in the hiring seat – you’re not the only one making a decision. Interviews are a two-way street - if you find someone you really like, it’s just as important they’re impressed with you as you’re impressed with them. Think about the questions you’re asking and how you’re coming across – luckily when you choose a partner like Computer Futures, we can help you pick the right questions you’re looking for and advise you on anything you may be struggling with regarding the interview process.

Here’s a quick tip - never ask a question for the sake of it. If you want to ask a specific question about their experience using the CRM, that’s great – but make sure it’s relevant to your project and is going to offer you some insight that will help you to make the right decision.

Find a partner that knows their stuff!

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your Salesforce recruitment plan. And that’s why we’re here – at Computer Futures we really do know our stuff when it comes to attracting the best Salesforce talent for your specific market in your specific location. Our specialist Salesforce recruitment consultants are equipped with the necessary knowledge to make sure we’re only putting forward professionals who are right for your business.

If you want to find out a little more about how Computer Futures can help you access the best talent in the market – what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and get in touch with Computer Futures today.


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