Tech professionals are long-accustomed to being in high demand. Senior executives have been warning the industry about a shortage of tech talent for decades. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem, amplified by the demand for remote and flexible working models and by spiralling demand for virtual connections with customers1.

Employment In Computer And Information Technology Occupations Will Accelerate




Employment in computer and information technology occupations will accelerate by 13% through 2030.


It Professionals Believe That Demand For Their Skills Will Increase In The Coming Months
65% of IT professionals believe that demand for their skills will increase in the coming months.

IT professionals’ expectations have risen rapidly. The recent STEM Candidate Survey by our parent company SThree reviewed almost 1,300 IT professionals globally and found that 65%2 believe that demand for their skills will increase in the coming months, with an ebbing of the pandemic far from diminishing the need for organizations to focus on their digital capabilities.

Figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predict employment in computer and information technology occupations will accelerate by 13% between 2020 and 2030. Employers will face increasing competition for the most qualified talent, fueled by the need for constant digital transformation.

Even before Covid-19, attracting the best IT expertise had become increasingly challenging. The pandemic has exacerbated the issue with companies needing to switch to digital systems that allow remote and hybrid working and enhanced customer relationship management almost overnight. Many of these new ways of working are likely to remain after the pandemic, and companies will need digital skills to ensure that any in-person function can be carried out virtually.

In the coming months and years employers will find it challenging to fill roles. Ultimately, many will need the support of specialist recruitment firms that have intricate networks within the sector, who can provide access to the best talent even before it is available to the wider hiring market.

Redefining Recruitment In A New Digital Era

What is the outlook of the tech talent market for companies in need of top tech talent?

The landscape of the hiring market changes with such rapidity that only a few authoritative sources can accurately opine on the state of things and things to come.

Our new white paper, The Rise of the Tech Talent Shortage, is an exploration of the state of the current market, and informed predictions for the future.

  • IT professionals' expectations have risen rapidly since the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the supply shortage.
  • Employers will need the support of specialist recruitment firms to access the most qualified talent.

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