Case Studies

Specialist Recruitment Experts Help Staff Multiple Departments for Nation's Leading Telecom Company

October 2022

Computer Futures supports innovative tech companies by providing comprehensive staffing solutions that add value. For one of the nation's leading broadband connectivity company and cable operators serving more than 31 million customers in 41 states, we have been able deliver where other staffing firms cannot.

To Infinity and Beyond: The Startup Staffing Relationship

September 2021

Entrepreneurs require talent that is measurable not singularly through technical skill, but an intricate balance of value added to an organization. The startup culture offers the right talented professional the chance to “get in on the ground floor” of a successful venture when their personal investment and dedication pays off.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps and the Covid Culture

June 2021

As the ecommerce market turned on a dime so did our client's need for mobile app developers who could keep up with the pace. Computer Futures delivered higher quality, performed better, and was more reliable than any other staffing firm. We quickly became the number one supplier of mobile talent for one of the world's largest ecommerce companies by proving our commitment as real business solutions partners and building a solid relationship.

The Employment Partnership Solution

May 2021

A major financial trading platform needed help pivoting their talent sourcing to an all-around business solution, bringing an end to a seemingly never-ending cycle of retention problems. Computer Futures' industry-leading accreditation process created a partnership between the client and the skilled professionals they needed.

The Agile Hiring Process

April 2021

How Computer Futures helped our client hire talent in the Covid-19 era. When the client could not find qualified niche talent to implement Adobe Experience Cloud, Computer Futures offered a solution that saved them time, money, and effort by helping them adopt a more optimized hiring process.

Teacher's College at Columbia University

November 2020

Take a look at how our project team brought Salesforce solutions to life at the leading Teacher's College at Columbia University, to bring together skilled people to build the future.