61% of survey respondents were looking for contract roles or for both contract and permanent positions.

Hiring Contract Workers or Permanent Staff

Employers have crucial decisions to make that will have a major impact on how their needs are met. The decision of whether to hire a permanent or contract IT specialist depends a great deal on the specific needs of each company, down to each project.

Hiring permanent employees is the right move in a number of circumstances. For example, an hourly model may not make financial sense or may be inappropriate if a worker’s responsibilities will continue beyond the end of a particular project. In this case companies may want to hire entry-level candidates that can go through their own training programs if talent is in short supply.

49% of survey respondents were in contract roles.

61% of survey respondents were looking for contract roles or for both contract and permanent positions.

It may also be more sensible and practical to make permanent appointments if there are gaps in leadership and long-term knowledge. Or, if there is a need to fill a gap in a succession plan. However, a company hiring an app developer, for instance, might want to consider a contract worker, since the average lifecycle of an app is two years.

Employing IT contractors can provide access to specific skills and help to overcome gaps within a permanent team. They provide expertise that a company otherwise would not have or does not have sufficiently. They allow companies to access knowledge when they need it and adjust the workforce accordingly, both precisely and flexibly. The experience and technical competence brought in by external contractors can be put into practice immediately and they may bring experience from a range of projects and industries. Bringing in contractors has the benefit of providing specialist knowledge instantly.

Across the world, more than 49% of candidates who responded to the SThree survey said they were in a contract position, compared with just under 40% who were in permanent roles.

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