Salesforce Job Market Report 2022 - 2023

Changes to Marketing Cloud, officially becoming Salesforce, Inc., the return of in-person events, and the mastery of hybrid events... 2022 has been an incredible year for Salesforce. Things are evolving faster than anyone could have foreseen pre-Covid, and the massive changes in the Salesforce hiring market have turned the industry upside-down. 

Salesforce is constantly introducing new technology, ever-expanding the ecosystem with new innovations that apply to new markets. Businesses are challenged to source talent to effectively build and implement new products and stay ahead of the technological learning curve. Meanwhile, Salesforce professionals are often working to keep up with the ever-changing technology that Salesforce releases.

So, how can Salesforce users find the solutions they need to navigate this new changed world successfully?

In this market report, we discuss the state of the Salesforce labor and hiring market and its future. Providing the industry with our expertise, gained over almost 40 years of recruitment in the tech industry, is how we participate in the betterment of the entire ecosystem. 

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Report Highlights

“The Salesforce market is stronger than ever, despite fears of an economic downturn. More companies are utilizing the full suite of Salesforce across all industries, meaning competition is fierce within the talent pool.”

Nicholas Ferraro, Director of Salesforce at Computer Futures

Market Pay Rates for Salesforce Professionals

Average hourly pay rates for contract Salesforce professionals.

  • Salesforce Technical and Solution Architects
  • Salesforce Business and Business Systems Analysts
  • Salesforce Developers and Administrators
  • Marketing Cloud Consultants
  • MuleSoft Developers and Architects
  • CPQ Architects and Developers

And more!

What's New in Salesforce?

  • Marketing Cloud as we know it is history. The next generation brings all Salesforce Marketing products together under one umbrella.
  • The new structure of Salesforce products is meant to make it easier for B2B or B2C businesses choose the right tools.
  • Commerce Cloud is more innovative than ever.
  • Flow Automation Suite has risen to the challenges of the post-Covid economic climate.
  • The next generation of MuleSoft is all about making things better in the midst of economic disruption.
  • DevOps Center is the newest product designed to help hybrid teams with low-code implementation.

Salesforce Talent Market Outlook

  • The ecosystem of Salesforce partners delivering cloud services is 5X as big as Salesforce itself, and growing.
  • Of the 9.3M jobs to be created in the next 4 years, just 15.5% are expected to be created in the United States.
  • The U.S. desperately needs tech talent that is “home grown”.
  • The top skills in demand for Salesforce professionals include Marketing Cloud, MuleSoft, and CPQ.

Salesforce Market Changes Through 2022

  • Salesforce customers are asking for more specialized talent to implement, maintain, and enhance their systems for better ROI.
  • There are more open jobs for qualified Salesforce professionals than there are people to fill them.
  • Companies are shifting to using "full suite" approach to Salesforce to keep up with digital transformation standards. 
  • MuleSoft is moving into the spotlight but has a very scarce talent market.
  • Larger companies are limiting their offers to candidates to their own detriment for fear of an impending recession.
  • Trying to outsmart the talent market, companies are utilizing long-term solutions to short-term needs that are proving ineffective.

Top Challenges of Salesforce Hiring Managers

  • Price inflation and limited hiring budgets are impeding companies from getting the talent they nee.
  • Organizations are not moving fast enough to catch up to candidate expectations, letting the best talent go elsewhere.
  • 61% of survey respondents report that rate and/or salary is the most important factor in a job search.
  • Fake candidates and candidate "catfishing" cause a company to waste resources they cannot afford to lose.
  • Businesses are trying to meet Salesforces' standards of embracing diversity but are missing the mark.
  • The innovative and lucrative work that attracts the best Salesforce professionals is getting lost to companies' short-term needs.

Attract the Best Salesforce Talent

  • Top Salesforce candidates know that they can afford to wait for the best opportunities in this job market.
  • The best way to gain a competitive advantage is for company leadership to get informed on the standards in advance.
  • The key is being an organization where the top talent wants to work and offering highly competitive benefits and salaries.
  • Being a name-brand company no longer has the draw it once did for highly skilled talent.
  • Embracing and encouraging diversity correctly is essential to being an employer of choice.

The Future of Salesforce is Remote

  • Remote working models are no longer a gracious perk offered by employers but an industry expectation.
  • Salesforce has taken a leading role in enabling remote work and remote contact with customers, driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem.
  • 47% of companies surveyed relayed that the pandemic drove a need for more cloud-based solutions to stay competitive.
  • 72% of candidates reported work-life balance and leisure time as a top priority of the U.S. tech talent pool.

The Culture Top Salesforce Talent Wants

  • Retaining the best Salesforce talent is just as important as attracting it to protect organizational knowledge. 
  • With so many opportunities in the job market, being fired or losing a client is not as scary as it once was for professionals.
  • People want to be trusted to do their jobs and will quickly go elsewhere if micromanaged.
  • Salesforce professionals want growth and expansion of their skillsets to avoid feeling stuck and uninspired.
  • Wearing too many hats or taking more meetings than necessary causes burnout and reduces impact to a company's bottom line.

Streamline the Salesforce Hiring Process

  • Moving quickly through the hiring process is crucial to compensating for Salesforce talent shortages.
  • There are ways to refine the process and secure talented Salesforce candidates quickly.
  • Setting specific interview slots in hiring managers' calendars and eliminating unnecessary interviews is a major time save.
  • Having only key decision makers partake in hiring and observing a system for feedback makes the whole process move faster.

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