Be Fearless: Bring Your Authentic Self

Breaking The Glass is excited to team up with WICT Rocky Mountains + WICT Carolinas for our first joint chapter event! How can we embrace our most authentic selves to be Fearless?

Each person has their own style, personality, and goals, meaning confidence is motivated by different factors for everyone. No matter your background or identity you can channel your truest self in the workplace.

Join our panel of STEM leaders who have embraced their authentic selves and learn from them how they did it!

Watch the Recorded Session on the Breaking the Glass Website

Breaking The Glass was founded by Computer Futures recruiters to tackle gender disparity challenges in the tech industry through community programs, professional development, and networking for women in tech and their allies. We are proud to partner with the most innovative brands in tech to bring these valuable programs to their companies and communities across the country. Computer Futures’ investment in Breaking The Glass is one of many commitments we make to drive progress and equality for all.

You will hear all about:

  • What does being authentic at work mean?
  • How can your be authentic within workplace limitations?
  • How does bringing your whole self at work improve your overall wellbeing?

Who is speaking?

  • Gabie Caballero, Lead Salesforce Enablement Program Manager, UKG
  • Lashona Boyd, MBA, Learning & Development Specialist, Circa
  • Angela Kyler, Director Regional Support Center, Charter Communications
  • Jenny Fitzgerald, Senior Executive Consultant, Computer Futures

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