When it comes to landing the best Salesforce Admin jobs, there’s many steps to take. And step one is making sure your Salesforce Admin resume is up to scratch and effectively showcases your skills. To help out, we decided to put together some top Salesforce Admin resume tips, so you can really show yourself off.

Highlight your Salesforce Admin certifications

This might be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to mention their Salesforce Admin certifications. This is such a missed opportunity – it’s your biggest chance to clearly showcase your ability to hiring managers, so if you’ve got Salesforce Admin certifications make sure they’re signposted right at the top of your Salesforce Admin resume (with the most relevant listed first!).

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to list your Trailhead badges and Super badges – these hold more value than many people appreciate - not to mention that they’re a testament to your dedication towards upskilling and development.

Understand which skills are most valuable

As you know, Salesforce professionals are in high demand, with 3.3 million jobs set to be created by 2022. But with so many skills in demand, highlighting the right stuff on your Salesforce Admin resume is key. Can you demonstrate Lightning experience? Do you have a good understanding of Pardot? If you don’t have the knowledge, it won’t necessarily be a deal breaker, but if you do – shout about it! Even if it’s not essential criteria for the job, it might help to secure a higher Salesforce Admin salary. Additionally, if you have relevant industry knowledge from a previous job, make sure to highlight it.

Contextualize your work

Remember, a lot of hiring managers looking for Salesforce talent won’t share your technical experience and may lack a deep understanding of your value. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to break some technical terms down to make sure everything’s really clear. Context is key - how big was the project? How many users were associated? Were you working with complex issues? The same terms can mean different things depending on how an organization is set up, so quantifying where possible is useful.

A bonus tip: Craft some stories that you can have in your back pocket ready at a moment’s notice. People would much rather like to hear a good story rather than a load of technical jargon. Don’t just say what you did but explain the benefit your work had on the business. This is much more impressive than just writing out a checklist of skills - especially for non-Salesforce speaking professionals.

Include keywords

Including keywords in your Salesforce Admin resume is crucial – firstly because many organizations will be using automated systems to sift through your resume, so this will automatically pick out keywords – if yours is packed with them, your chances of being selected will obviously increase. But AI aside, if someone’s looking to hire for Salesforce Admin jobs their eyes will instantly jump to the words they’re looking for. So not including key terms from the Salesforce Admin job description means you’re missing out!

Look at the Salesforce Admin job description

Our last tip might be a bit of an obvious one, but it’s super useful. If you have a Salesforce Admin job description in front of you, make sure the skills on your resume match up as closely as possible – this is the best way to show that you’re exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. And it’s also the best way for you to get an idea of what they’re looking for - you can use this to work out which skills are the most important and how best to order your resume.

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