October 2021

Today's tech talent market favors candidates over employers just like most industries. Technology is more lucrative a field than ever before as businesses all over the globe have had to adapt their digital business practices. As many jobs as there are on the market, tech professionals can often take their pick of contract and project-based roles, while businesses compete for the top candidates.

When a company partners with a staffing firm, they obtain the competitive advantage of a streamlined approach to hiring the best talent on the market. Often, recruiters at Computer Futures are aware of the upcoming availability of the most sought after professionals before they have made themselves available to the wider market. Securing these professionals is a process made up of our proprietary networks, referral-based recommendations, and skilled selection standards.

Here is some information about how a recruiter goes about finding the best candidate match for their client. 

What We Need From A Client

First and foremost, the recruitment specialist needs a few pieces of information from the client about the job to be filled:

  • Size of the team
  • Scope of the project
  • Hard skills and systems required
  • Ideal cultural qualities
  • Work authorization 
  • Budget 
  • Contract timeline

Some other specifications that are helpful but not necessary:

  • What precipitated the need for this role
  • Preferred but not required skills
  • Remote or in-office, location
  • Enterprise-level experience

What We Look for in a Top Tech Candidate

Once the necessities are established, the recruiter begins the search for a candidate beginning with the professionals already vetted by our Accreditation Process and within their own networks. "We scan the most recent resumes of the top professionals, looking for the specifications that our clients' hiring managers provided to us. From there, we simply connect the dots." - Benjamin Williams, Salesforce Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures.

When building a network of gold-standard candidates, these are the primary qualifications our recruiters value:

  • Advanced certifications
  • Proven track record of completed projects
  • Experience in large teams as a specialist
  • Communication, promptness, and professionalism
  • Specialized skills within their field

A strong technical background is impressive and adds weight to a professional's candidacy. The ability to problem-solve, add value to other aspects of the business, and understand the inner-workings beyond their own capacity make a prospect stand out among the crowd. Computer Futures places contractors who will act as true business solutions partners for their employer on our behalf.

"Additionally, people tend to hire people who are... enjoyable to work with. We aim to find talented professionals that not only meet our technical standards, but collaborate well with us. This indicates to us that they will work well with their future employers," says Williams. These candidates make the entire industry a more positive place to work as they lead by example with the right attitude.

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A special thank you to Benjamin Williams, Salesforce Recruitment Consultant with Computer Futures, for his insight on hiring tech professionals.

Benjamin has been on the Computer Futures team since 2021 and has made a stellar impression upon senior leadership with his can-do attitude and genuine interest in helping tech professionals find their next steps in their careers. 

Prior to his career in recruitment, he was a business owner of a meal prep company based in Austin, Texas. He holds a Bachelor's of Chemistry from the University of Texas.