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Specialist Recruitment Experts Help Staff Multiple Departments for Nation's Leading Telecom Company

Computer Futures has a longstanding relationship with one of the nation's leading telecom companies after successfully proving high-quality professionals for their open positions throughout the years. A recent evolution of the hiring landscape post COVID created significant challenges for the organizations teams and hiring managers. Computer Futures was able to pivot alongside the client and continued to deliver quality candidates, on time and on budget. Here's how we did it.

The Challenge

As mentioned, our client was shifting gears post COVID and wanted a heavier in-office presence for all employees. Often, candidates prioritize remote work positions over in-office requirements and with the competition for top talent heating up, the client was struggling to fill many of its open roles.

Additionally, some of the departments, including the Salesforce team, had acquired additional budget along with a go ahead to expand their project workload. With more budget and additional workload, the need for added headcount arose. However, there were also major hiring budget restrictions in place. 

In conjunction with the expansion of the Salesforce team, our client also had a high-volume headcount expansion in a separate department. While they got plenty of quality candidates, the organization was met with major roadblocks once they hit the offer stage. It seemed their top candidates were accepting positions elsewhere.

The Solution

To help deliver candidates who were ready for in-person versus remote work, Computer Futures created a specific method to ensure all candidates we recommended were available for that specific requirement. That, paired with our unparalleled accreditation process, meant the organization could quickly onboard top tier tech talent who were prepared for their environment.

Because we have expertise in the Salesforce space, plus a deep understanding of our client’s environment, we could find quality candidates quickly, within the budget to meet the Salesforce department's needs. In less than four weeks we were able to staff 14 candidates, with 20 additional candidates provided by Computer Futures in the weeks following.

Lastly, Computer Futures stepped in to help gather candidate feedback to improve the client's hiring and offer process after they discovered many top IT candidates were declining offers. We were able to provide invaluable insights on why candidates were turning down the jobs and what those candidates were looking for in a winning offer. The client updated their offer packages utilizing insights we gathered, which allowed them to gain access to an additional 25% of the candidate pool they were missing. 

These customized solutions are just part of the reason why we support so many departments within this organization when it comes to their tech hiring needs. 

The Recruitment Partner to Power Your Future

Computer Futures creates true partnerships for our clients by providing the best talent within their sectors through a consultative approach. We go beyond a traditional recruitment service. With extensive market knowledge, innovative resourcing techniques, and proprietary networks we develop strategic campaigns tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our recruitment experts are standing by to provide top specialty candidates of the highest caliber, who will offer maximum value to your organization. Contact us today!