Case Study Partnership Solution

The Challenge

Computer Futures’ client, a major financial trading platform, had always utilized consultants and external agencies to build, manage, and maintain their mobile app. In their crowded and competitive industry, the company required highly trained and knowledgeable developers at the cutting edge of their fields to execute an optimal mobile customer experience.

The organization initially required a time-consuming interview and vendor onboarding process with a significant time investment from the client’s directors, vice presidents, and software engineers. The ideal consultant solution differed among these leaders, resulting in communication gaps between those responsible for filling vacancies and the hiring managers.

When a developer’s contract ended, the search process had to begin again as the consultants were not available for permanent hire. Without the ability to retain talented professionals, the company was spending a large budget on a seemingly endless cycle of a problem.

The client’s senior vice president recognized the need to find a broader solution to the problem that their

current vendors could not seem to solve and reached out to a Computer Futures recruitment consultant to assist with their mobile contractor placement.

Our Consultation

After one conversation with the client, Computer Futures went to work immediately to provide valuable insight into the client’s highest priority needs.

We identified and articulated to the client that a pivot to a comprehensive, streamlined approach to sourcing project-based talent available for transition to permanent employment would provide better long-term return on investment.

Beginning at the top with vice president positions and working our way down, we proved value and resourcefulness to the senior vice president as an all-around business solutions IT staffing firm dedicated to the client’s best interest.

Computer Futures’ primary point of differentiation in the STEM staffing industry is a dedicated service practice and a proven methodology for vetting candidates. Our industry-leading, 4-step accreditation process is designed to create partnerships between innovative clients and highly skilled professionals. 

By deploying these proven best practices for vetting candidates, Computer Futures gave the client access to the most optimal candidates for their needs. 

Our Approach


Our knowledge of the talent pool in the mobile industry allowed us to help the client’s leaders communicate and collaborate on their needs versus their wants in a hire, helping them prepare a more succinct and optimized job description.

By allowing Computer Futures to administer the needed skills test and most of the interview process, the ratio of interviews to hires was reduced exponentially.


Helping the client to develop a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship with each placed contractor created a more engaging work experience, addressing the need to retain talent and reduce onboarding efforts.

Employing contractors for renewal and conversion to permanent hire reduced retraining and expenditure of resources.

The Result

Computer Futures reduced the interview time per candidate by 50%, requiring only one panel interview and empowering the client to make same day offers.

Hiring Computer Futures to do the sourcing for them allowed the client’s leadership team to focus on their own jobs. The client saved time, a significant amount of money, and received a better solution to their staffing problem.

The best yet, by using the contract to permanent hire model, the company retained an in-house worker’s compounding knowledge and team-specific expertise, allowing for wider reaching business solutions based on a more thorough bank of industry knowledge.