If we had to pick one word to describe Dreamforce 2019 it would have to be “epic”. Anyone in the Salesforce community knows that Dreamforce parties provide some of the biggest networking opportunities of the year! With so many insanely cool Salesforce events taking place all week, we were lucky enough to host one of them at Computer Futures HQ – and if we do say so ourselves – it was pretty awesome. Our San Fran office was home to one of Stephanie Herrera’s legendary Salesforce Saturday hangouts that brought together 200 faces from the Salesforce community  – but of all the epic Dreamforce parties – this one was something extra special.

Stephanie, Salesforce MVP and VP of Salesforce at Computer Futures, is known in the Salesforce community for many things. But what we love most about her is the way she’s always able to motivate, engage, and educate the Salesforce community. And she invited some extra special VIP guests to form a superstar panel who shared their thoughts on how to build a community:

Living in the Salesforce community

Throughout the session these experts offered the 200 attendees all sorts of Salesforce careers insights – ranging from Salesforce networking events tips, Salesforce career advice, Salesforce recruitment topics, to real actionable advice on how to be the best version of yourself – this team of superheroes left us feeling totally empowered.

But if you weren’t able to make it along – fear not. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be shining the spotlight on each of these incredible people and giving you access to the exclusive inspiring stories they told – wherever you are in your Salesforce career journey, these insights are sure to motivate you!


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About our hosts

And at the heart of our event was the woman who started it all - Stephanie Herrera. Building communities within the Salesforce ecosystem and empowering people to excel in their Salesforce career is integral to Stephanie’s role at Computer Futures.

Danny Cohen, Head of Computer Futures US, was stoked to see the Salesforce Saturday community showing up in full force, ‘Stephanie’s established a community that’s allowed people all over the world to connect. Just look at the people we have sitting with us today - they literally are superheroes! Stephanie is committed to bringing awesome people together. It’s an honor to be able to welcome these VIPs into Computer Futures’ home and get the chance to connect with true experts in the Salesforce world.’

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