Salesforce Marketing Cloud as we know it is no more, with several new product name changes. Salesforce has been ranked the number one CRM for the 9th year running by the International Data Corporation and is the leader in advanced marketing technology across the globe.

The entire suite of products has included many different tools for many different business needs, further divided by application for B2C and B2B customers. With the acquisition of a new software came more integration, rebranding, and reconnecting with other products. This year, Salesforce took a major step in simplifying, strategizing, and streamlining the selection process for businesses.

In this latest article in our What’s New in Salesforce? series, we explore the changes and updates to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite of products.

Marketing Cloud name changes

Here are the latest name changes to all Marketing Cloud products:


Former Product Name

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

(ExactTarget, Email, Messaging, Journeys)

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement


Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Salesforce CDP

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Advertising Studio

Marketing Cloud Intelligence


Arguably, the most notable adjustment is Pardot’s shift to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Related to Salesforce’s April 2022 announcement for the next generation of Marketing Cloud, MC Easy, this initiative brings all the Salesforce Marketing products together under one umbrella. The goal is to make the suite of products less segmented, thereby helping organizations choose the right marketing tool with their partners based on their needs.

Through all these changes, some greater than others, most functionalities remain the same. Packaging and pricing will remain the same as will the features within the products. New functionalities to products and acquisitions by Salesforce that apply to Marketing Cloud will be allocated to each of these products.

New updates to Salesforce Marketing Cloud products:

  • Triggered Campaign Messages – use first-party data to understand and respond to customers’ preferences and engage with them.
  • Digital Command Center for Slack – avoid lost revenue, increase out-puts, and resolve issues proactively by monitoring activity and performance from one place.
  • Google Ads and Salesforce Customer Data Platform – connect first-party data with customer profiles to optimize and deliver personalized campaigns.
  • Intelligence Ecommerce Marketing Insights App – commerce data, marketing data, and KPIs unified on a single platform with dashboards and insights.
  • Intelligence Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud – integrate order and product data automatically to identify where to shift spending and increase ROI.