Don't Stop Your Job Search During The Holidays (1)

Jamie Burgess, now the Director of Computer Futures southern region, first started at Specialist Staffing Group in 2010 as a Recruitment Consultant at Huxley based out of London, United Kingdom. After working his way up and finishing his time at Huxley as the Principal Consultant of Software Development, Jamie decided it was time for a new challenge. This is where our Global Mobility Program came in. Jamie decided to utilize the program to relocate to Austin, Texas in 2016 and join the Computer Futures team. 

Upon his arrival in Texas, Jamie was surprised by the diversity of people, places and culture, and how friendly everyone is! Although his move and transition went smoothly, Jamie has some extra advice to help others relocation go even smoother. “Do your research on what market and career opportunities are available and balance that with lifestyle requirements as each city/state can be radically different in terms of climate, politics, culture, economics, etc.,” Jamie recommends. He also says it is a good idea to grow your credit history with a recognized credit line such as American Express before you move. 

Seven years later and Jamie considers his move a great success! In regard to the relocation experience, he says, “I had a positive experience with good communication and my needs were met throughout." 

We are thrilled that our Global Mobility Program has provided many of our employees with incredible opportunities abroad to advance their career and experience a different lifestyle. We encourage other organizations to form similar programs to help colleagues take advantage of global opportunities!