Vets In Tech
We were amazed at the Tech industry's unique challenges and opportunities presented at the 2023 Veterans in Tech event at the Capital Factory. Lucas Rincker, our expert and veteran ERG team lead, provided a vital guide to military veterans and spouses interested in entering tech. Our team offered complimentary resume reviews and interview prep on the day. Maria Brown-Spence's panel on Service to Startups was an actionable advisor for veterans considering a tech career. We look forward to 2024 Veterans in Tech event. Don't miss the chance to jumpstart your career in tech!

Veterans in Tech

It was an incredible experience participating in the 2023 Veterans in Tech event at the Capital Factory, and we're so grateful for the opportunity. We were amazed to see veterans, industry leaders, and experts from all over come together to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities veterans have within the tech industry.
Our own recruiting expert and veteran ERG team lead, Lucas Rincker, provided an invaluable guide for military veterans and spouses interested in tech but don't know where to start, giving them ample insight into what's required and how to get their foot in the door. Our team members Benjamin Williams, Ethan Parks, and Brandon Barta offered complimentary resume reviews, as well as interview prep for anyone who required it.
To wrap up the event, our ESG Community Programmes Director, Maria Brown-Spence, moderated an excellent panel on Service to Startups, which provided actionable advice and strategies for veterans, active duty and reserve, and military spouses considering a career in the tech industry.
It was definitely an experience, and we highly encourage you to plan for next year's amazing event, 2024 Veterans in Tech. Use it as your opportunity to make a jumpstart in your career in tech!
Vets in Tech 2023 by Leah Best