CF Newsletter Headers 2023 (3)


We’ve recently seen major challenges in the macro-economic and geopolitical backdrop, but for many tech hiring managers and professionals, these shakeups are actually creating new opportunities for transformation and growth. Our latest Tech Market Report is diving into the current data to help both hiring managers and job seekers alike understand where the market currently sits, but also where we expect it to go from here.

While Tech saw some unexpected changes and major layoffs due to the pending recession at the end of 2022, it seems businesses have managed to get back on track and their tech needs are still rising at a rapid pace. Despite many organizations turning to layoffs and hiring freezes in Q1, we're still seeing a major need for skilled tech talent to fill major gaps. The latest data released by the BLS is proving to us that 2023 is positioning itself as a year for substantial growth and innovation. We can once again look forward to a promising future within Tech and Computer Futures' 2023 Tech Market Report is providing some BOLD predictions for the remainder of the year that could play a crucial part in your hiring or career strategies.

As the tech industry continues to show major growth, Computer Futures is ready to help connect the best tech talent with the top companies in the U.S. Our consultants are up to date on the latest IT market trends, allowing us to offer truly in-depth knowledge regarding the unique challenges and requirements facing your business or your career.

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