Over the past six months, US unemployment has risen to between 9-12%, with people from minority groups currently almost twice as likely to experience unemployment. 

At the start of this year we started a partnership with UrbanEd – a non-profit who support a diverse community of students from low income families – to launch a new initiative that brings skilled people together to build the future the world needs.

We’ll be connecting people from underserved communities across DC with experts in tech – providing them with career support, access to industry events, and accredited tech training.

The importance of accessing opportunities

Inequality in education and employment contributes to complex social challenges, and the need to address inequality in STEM industries has been a long-term commitment of ours. But right now, it feels more important than ever before. 

As an organization, our purpose is all about bringing people together – and we want to use our position as staffing experts in the tech space to help people access opportunities that may have been out of reach.

We’re partnering with our network of tech experts and clients to provide personalized mentoring, career insights, and potential job opportunities for the future. 

Businesses seeking talent

We recently reached out to a sample of clients across the STEM space – 75% of them told us they were actively hiring. And of those hiring, 70% are struggling to find the right talent.

Right now, businesses are experiencing varying levels of complexity when it comes to hiring – and the tech space is no different.

Supporting the tech talent pipeline

Tech talent is still in high demand – we know that there’s a skills gap across many markets, especially organizations looking for Java, Python, Salesforce, Tableau, and Cloud talent.

Our initiative is centred around giving people the opportunities they deserve, but it’s also important for us to contribute towards building the STEM talent pipeline. By encouraging diverse talent to develop skills in these areas, we can help them to unlock a sustainable career within an evolving market.

We’ll be focusing our training on these verticals – this means that students are going to come away from the initiative with the most-in demand qualifications and skillsets and will be well equipped to land top tech jobs.

Changing lives

By bringing our communities and partners together, we can empower people on their journey to a career in tech – creating equity in the industries we partner with.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please get in touch. 

Together, we will diversify the tech talent pipeline of the future.