Successful employers must provide a clear path to career development by offering career opportunities, meaningful work, advancing employees from within, and employing managers who are committed to developing talent from within. Globally, 46% of candidates identified career development as a top consideration in a new opportunity.

The desire for clear career opportunities was echoed in a similar study by LinkedIn, which found that the main reason that tech professionals join an organization and the reason they leave are the same: career opportunity. LinkedIn found that 45% of candidates had left a job because of a lack of opportunity and 59% joined because a new position offered a stronger career path.

U.S. Candidates Prioritize Career Development And Growth Opportunities



68% of U.S. candidates prioritize career development and growth opportunities.


Candidates believe they can afford to wait if these opportunities are not included in an offer of employment. 66% of permanent employees and 60% of contract staff globally believe that demand for IT skills will grow in the coming months. The hiring pool will shift accordingly.

Demand for career development opportunities reflects a positive view of IT careers, with U.S. respondents to our survey describing them as innovative, exciting, important, appealing, fascinating, meaningful, and diverse.

Candidates Have Placed More Focus On Career Development In The Past 12 Months



19% of candidates have placed more focus on career development in the past 12 months.


Redefining Recruitment In A New Digital Era

What is the outlook of the tech talent market for companies in need of top tech talent?

The landscape of the hiring market changes with such rapidity that only a few authoritative sources can accurately opine on the state of things and things to come.

Our new white paper, The Rise of the Tech Talent Shortage, is an exploration of the state of the current market, and informed predictions for the future.

  • IT professionals' expectations have risen rapidly since the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the supply shortage.
  • Employers will need the support of specialist recruitment firms to access the most qualified talent.

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