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Acceptable in the 90s

Your favorite apps rebooted for the 90s

Since the 90s, mobile technology has transformed the way we live and also the way we work.

Particularly in the past year, we have relied heavily on our devices to find entertainment, play games, listen to music and most importantly stay connected with loved ones and co-workers with apps like Microsoft Teams, TikTok, Tinder and Facebook playing a crucial role.

But what if these platforms were around in the 90s? What would they have looked like?

Using our well-established knowledge of the technology industry, here at Computer Futures we have taken a nostalgic walk down memory lane, merging today's well-known apps with available technology 30 years ago.


Launched back in 2016, it was 2020 that TikTok made a name for itself in the market.

With its mission to capture the world’s creativity and their precious life moments, users are encouraged to share their passions through video and music.

Back in the 90s, if you wanted to film your latest dance moves or share your creativity, this camcorder would have been top of your wish list.

Microsoft Teams

For those of you who were born after the 90s, this is a fax machine.

It was widely used in the 90s by businesses as a form of communication, sending documents electronically over a telephone network.

Recognised by the iconic purple colours, using this Microsoft Teams fax machine back in the 90s would have taken a little longer and lot more dialling to let your colleague know they’re ‘on mute’ or to ask, ‘can you hear me now?’


People familiar with Tinder may have heard other users being described as having ‘strong Tinder game.’ While this refers to their natural ability to chat to other users, this 90s handheld gaming device gives this phrase a whole new meaning.

Like dating sites in the 90s, singletons were unable to see the photos of other users. Instead, they built connections through conversation.

Tinder is famous for its function that gives users the ease of swiping left or right based on whether they like other profile users as well as keeping their decisions anonymous until it’s a match.

In the same way, this game boy allows users to whimsically give other users their approval or not before hitting the all-important match button.

Amazon Prime Video

In the 90s, DVD players were essential for long car journeys and keeping kids entertained out of the house. Entertainment back then was not just a couple of touches away; it was a much bigger affair when choosing a film for everyone to watch on one screen.

In the 90s, to watch a film on-the-go with Amazon Prime we would be reaching for this device and selecting our favorite DVD from a limited selection of films we had seen several times.

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