Bridge Engineer

場所: Tokyo 23 wards, Japan
給与: competitive
ジョブタイプ: 正社員

We are a global IT company headquartered in London, UK

Our business is outsourcing and off-shoring, and our expertise is from specific software development solutions, mobile app development to data migration and testing.
We cover all development languages such as NET, Java, C # and HTML.

We pride ourselves on utilising advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and block-chain. In addition to developing apps that incorporate AI, we have also started developing a recruitment system for block-chain. We are also working on new non-financial use cases by collaborating with companies in other industries.

Liaising with clients to make proposals for development, manage progress, and manage offshore locations in Vietnam.

Since there are various development technologies and development bases, it is an important responsibility of this job to make specific requests in discussions with customers.

* Those who have a basic basis for programming (development experience in Java, .net, etc.)
* Fluent Vietnamese & N2 level Japanese language skills (non-qualification / communication ability emphasis)
* English is the business level because the internal language is English

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