Commercial Solution Specialist

場所: 東京都, 日本
給与: competitive
セクター: ヘルスケア
ジョブタイプ: 正社員

・Those who understand the global standards for the applicable IT solution (global project trial calculation system) and can be the contact point in Japan
・Those who can promote business process innovation centered on commercial IT solutions
・Those who can share the requirements and utilization status of Japan with regions and globals and contribute to the promotion of innovation throughout the company.
・Those who can build a trusting relationship by communicating smoothly with others
・Those who can promote efficiency and maximize value from the perspective of overall optimization
・A person who has a strong sense of business and responsibility, and who has the vitality to be able to deal with things positively with aspirations.
・Person who can enjoy challenge/changes and exerts influence together with leadership that surrounds
・Revolutionary power to promote reforms with interest and voluntarily in unknown fields
・Person who can find significance in supporting medical development

Example of career step / Next opportunity
・Participation in global lead projects and short-term overseas assignments
・Promotion to leader or manager

Required Experience
・Business analyst skills
・Over 3 years of consulting experience
・Over 3 years experience in IT system introduction project
・Over 3 years of project experience in global environment
・Start-up and operation of IT service ・Experience in consulting industry

Required knowledge & skills/qualifications
・Global communication skills. In particular, bridge between IT and business by translating business terms and IT terms according to the other party
・ Leadership skills in matrix organization
・Business analyst skills
・Conceptual/logical thinking/problem-solving ability
・English proficiency (TOEIC 800 points or higher) Requires a level to discuss in conference calls, workshops, etc.
・Finance basic knowledge

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