Webinar: an introduction to Behavior Driven Development (BBD)

25 juni, 11:30

Get to know what BDD is all about in an a lively and interactive workshop

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an upcoming term and a trend in most technological environments.

So what is BDD, when do you use it and how is it used?

To find an answer on this, join our lively and interactive workshop - with freelance Devops & Agile Coach Guy van Put - and make your delivery process less stressful and more efficient. We'd like to invite any software developerdevops- or infrastructure specialist working with stories within product development.


11u30 - Opening Webinar & Conceptual Insights in BDD by Guy Van Put
11u50 - Workshop 'BDD & Example Mapping' by Guy Van Put
12u20 - Discussing Take-Aways and closing.