OKR Forum 2019

Join us in the beautiful city of Amsterdam for a day filled with presentations, Q&A's, networking and hands-on workshops given by thought-provoking OKR evangelists such as Felipe Castro.

What to expect

This second edition of the OKR Forum will inspire you to get the best out of your business and get you ready to translate this concrete goal-setting framework into your own daily reality. You will not only be just as inspired as you were during the first edition, but now you also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and practical challenges where you will continue to work on your OKR learning curve. In order to make networking as easy as possible for you during this event, we we'll be working with digital networking tool Conversation Starter.




Doors open & breakfast bites: 8:00

Morning: OKR Inspiration - 8:45 onwards

  • Opening by Host Melanie Wessels
  • Key Note - Felipe Castro -'OKR is the New Black: How to avoid bad advice and make OKR work'
  • Talk Roger Longden - ‘Building a culture in which OKR can thrive'
  • Talk Jan-Paul van Vliet - 'How OKR crosses the gap in between engagement and performance'

Breakout sessions

  • Break-out session Tomasz Bienias - 'Human behaviour and OKR'
  • Break-out session Roger Longden - 'Your toolset to build an OKR Culture'
  • Break-out session Per Lundquist - 'Reach your OKRs through effective dialogue'
  • Break-out session Bart den Haak - 'The power of OKR check-ins'
  • Break-out Session Melanie Wessels - ‘OKR for beginners’

Lunch: 12:40

Afternoon: Practical OKR Insights - 14:00 onwards

  • Talk Henrik-Jan van der Pol - 'Theory vs. Reality in OKR'
  • Panel discussion: Companies & OKR Use Cases
  • Closing note - Dan Montgomery - 'Start Less, Finish More: The OKR Mindset'

Breakout sessions

  • Break-out Session Jordi Gimeno Vermeer & Rick van der Kraan- 'How to create amazing Key Results'
  • Break-out Session Alvaro De Salvo - 'Creating purposeful OKRs'
  • Break-out Session Tonya Plachkova - 'How to excite and engage employees around your company OKRs'

Kick-off networking:

Drinks are provided throughout the day, breakfast & lunch is included. 



Felipe Castro

Coach & Founder of Lean

As an OKR coach, Felipe Castro has helped some of the world's leading companies align around the outcomes they want to achieve. His upcoming book 'Align: How to drive business outcomes with OKR', contains a series of examples and actionable techniques to help readers avoid OKR's most common pitfalls. 

Melanie Wessels

Motivational Coach & OKR Master

Melanie has a deep understanding of how to create great work environments that foster employee development, engagement and perfomance. Having implemented OKRs at Booking.com, she knows how teams can work with purpose and passion towards their goals and vision. Melanie is also a motivational coach and an experienced speaker and co-hosted the first OKR meetup in Amsterdam in 2017.

Roger Longden

OKR Coach & Evangelist

Roger is founder and managing director of There be Giants, the UK's leading OKR consultancy. He helps ambitious technology-focussed businesses to develop high growth strategies, aligning and engaging their people in the process. He is the author of "Priming for Perfomance" and guest lecutres at MMU Business School on the subject of how business priorities are translated into daily perfomance in the workplace.

Tomasz Bienias

OKR author and blogger

Author and blogger Tomasz is an independent expert in areas of Product Development, Technology Leadership and Design of Digital Organazations. For 10 years Tomasz managed product development, UX and technology teams in Agora, one of the biggest media companies on the Polish market.

Senior OKR & Agile Coach

Jordi has helped various companies from start-ups to enterprise to find a way in the Agile landscape. He coaches IT leaders, individual teams and everything in between with an emphasis on alignment throughout the different layers of an organization. OKRs are his preferred method to achieve succes.

Senior Agile Coach

Rick has been an Agile Coach and Transformation Lead for many years. He helps organizations implement Agile methodologies by developing teams and facilitating the organisational culture change necessary for sustainable Agile success. He thinks OKRs are often the missing link between an organizations strategy and its people.

OKR Coach & Head of Marcomms

Alvaro is the head of Marcomms at Akvo Foundation. Akvo helps governments and organizations go from data to decision to improve  water, and agriculture development projects. As an OKRs coach, his mission is to enable purpose-driven organizations to thoughtfully execute their strategy and hit the triple bottom line. 

Founder Perdoo

With a background in corporate law and consultancy, Henrik-Jan is on a mission to help companies succesfully implement their strategies. Once he realized that goals are a critical tool to bridge the gap between today's reality and the desired future, he launched Perdoo - a goal management software for business - in 2014.

OKR Expert

Putting people's strenghts to use is guiding principle in Jan Paul's work. From his diverse background in organizational sociology, business economics and strategy consultancy, he uses the OKR framework as the enabler to get teams and people to be truly relevant and to realize their goals in alignment with their company's ambition. 

Coach & Founder of GO OKR

Per - an experienced business coach and an expert on the people perspective of digital transformation - helps organizations adopt effective business dialogue to accelerate strategic change. With the highest certification in Solution Focussed Coaching, he has created an effective dialogue tool to use in OKR situations.

OKR Coach with Agile Superpowers

Having been a lead architect and Agile coach for over two decades, Bart founded Moving the Needle, which helps tech companies define their most important company needle. During his career, he found out that the best results can be achieved by making everyone in the company understand the strategic business objectives.

OKR author

Dan is a thought leader whose view pays special attention to strategy and culture in building and sustaining OKRs. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Agile Strategies, located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. His latest book, 'Start Less, Finish More: Building Strategic Agility with Objectives and Key Results' was published in 2018.

Scrum Master & Agile Coach

As an experienced Agile Coach, Cynthia is on a mission to help teams become better - a little bit every day. She believes in „Augenhöhe“ and thinks that inherent motivation can be triggered by increasing the perceived meaning of work. To her, OKRs are just one piece of the puzzle, enabling good companies to become great.

Strategic Planning & Portfolio Director

Elie is a Strategic Planning & Portfolio Director, Ingenico Global Online, overseeing the delivery of strategic & transformation initiatives. With 10 years’ experience in product and program management leadership roles, Elie has built a strong expertise in helping organizations translating strategy into execution.

Senior Portfolio Director

Ian, Portfolio Director at Elsevier, is one of the core members of the Goal Clarity Team, charged with implementing OKRs. He is driven by a desire to create strategic alignment and help organisations focus on outcomes, rather than outputs.  Ian’s experience includes leadership roles in several large enterprises. 

Tonya Plachkova

Global Campaign Manager

Tonya is a Global Campaign Manager at Ingenico, bringing to market in all 4 corners of the world strategic marketing campaigns. She champions the OKR initiative at Ingenico, primarily focusing on how to engage and excite the employees, build awareness and keep company objectives top of mind.

Nutan Sawant

UX Designer

As a UX Designer, Nutan is striving to bring ‘user’ and ‘design’ at the heart of the product development process at Ingenico.

Johannes Mueller

Workpath Founder & CEO

Johannes has experienced the growing relevance of Agile leadership and collaboration models across all industries. OKRs have always played an important role on this path - not only for strategic coordination but also for transformation. With his company Workpath, he enables established companies to transform into Agile network organizations of autonomous and cross-functional teams.