The three principles of the Agile mindset

1 juli, 16:00

Let's do some experiments!

It would be nice if an agile mindset would come for free with the agile framework implementation. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Though we all have an agile mind, we often tend to think our way out of it. In this workshop, Frans Rensen and Martin de Ruiter will make you aware of your default agile mind.

With the deeper understanding of the mechanics of our mind, managers, leaders and all co-workers work more effectively, less stressed and with personal respect. You don't have to do more - with doing and thinking less, we all get more done!

What to expect

The workshop is relaxed, non-cognitive and experience-based. A setting is created for the participants to have insights in the mechanics of their mind and how agile their mind is. There will be various break-out sessions to go into more depth.