Webinar: getting started with Kubernetes

17 juni, 16:00 - 18:00

Let's get started with Kubernetes.. together!

In this hands-on Kubernetes workshop, MSB.com founder Mislav Stipetic introduced participants to the concepts of Kubernetes, using the Magic Sandbox (MSB) platform. All attendees were provided with a msb.com account that gives access to several Kubernetes labs. Their program has been specifically designed to help engineers and their teams transition to Kubernetes as fast as possible. 

Covering topics such as cloud-native microservice apps and applications orchestrators, participants learned the fundamentals on real infrastructure. During the workshop, participants deployed a simple app, demonstrated self-healing, scaled it up and down, connected it to the internet, did a zero-downtime rolling update and performed a versioned rollback. 

The msb.com account will be valid for some time after.