Webinar: how to move along in the fast moving world of data-driven technology

Insights in how to choose your data technology and architecture

If you try to keep using the latest technology, you end up implementing more new stuff than you can phase out legacy. If you do nothing, technology will get outdated rapidly. Either way, you have a lot of operational backpacks weighing on you. And even if you try to be picky, you will end up with some wrong choices, longing for a new change or even desiring to go back in time.

In this talk, Wannes Rosiers will reveal how DPG Media tries to untie the spaghetti architecture and how they'll try to keep being a front-runner in data technology without recreating the spaghetti.

Note: The session is held in presentation mode, yet questions during the talk are encouraged!

The session is aimed both for IT leaders, as well as more technical people in the field of data: the speaker will go a bit more in depth on why certain choices were made.


11:30 - Welcoming by Yannick Exelmans, Data Market Expert of Computer Futures Belgium
11:40 - Speaker Wannes Rosiers
12:15 - Q&A and closing
12:30 - End