OKR Forum 2020 - Virtual Edition

An OKR field trip

On the 8th of October, the 2020 OKR Forum took place. In collaboration with Workpath, we created an all-new digital format with improved practical and interactive content. Branching our talks, workshops and real-life OKR implementation business cases into three different categories - based upon the level of expertise of the attendee - ensured a tailored approach. 18 OKR experts from around the globe joined forces to share their insights and to help with implementing, advancing and working with OKRs.

All sessions have been recorded and will be available soon.

This event has ended

The OKR Forum 2020 recordings will be available soon.

OKR Forum 2020 attendees will receive an email with instructions on how to access the recordings early. 

In the past, the OKR Forum proved to be a good opportunity for attendees and speakers alike to build their OKR peer network. Many people were still connecting with each other long after the last talks had finished. 

In order to further support this, this year we decided to provide you with a platform that allows for scheduling meetings with other participants and speakers in advance. 

Check out the 2019 aftermovie:

Tailored to your needs

The 2020 OKR Forum is split up in three different tracks to make sure that the Forum is tailored to various levels of expertise - varying from the initial implementation to finding creative ways to maximise results with OKR.

  • the Beginner level is designed for the ones who are doing or about to do their first OKR implementation
  • the Experienced level is created for those that have had their first experiences with OKR
  • the Champion level - put together to help seasoned OKR Ambassadors finetune their skills

Ensuring the best experience

Are you willing to lend a hand?

In order to optimize our offer, we'd love to hear about your experience with OKR and the issues you're facing regarding this framework.

By filling in the survey below, you're supporting us in ensuring the upcoming edition will be tailored to your specific needs. 

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Melanie Wessels

Host OKR Forum 2020



Elie Casamitjana

Founder & Managing Director



Oana Calugar

OKR Coach



Ezekiel Vicente

Chief People Officer



Francesca Nardocci

Business Coach & Operations Enabler
The OPS Kitchen


Jelmer Koekkoek

Lead Agilist



Tom Goulooze

Team Coach & Facilitator



Khalil Medina

OKR Coach



Wilma van Leeuwen

Program Manager Agile Transition
Gemeente Amsterdam


Elwin Nieboer

Agile Coach

Gemeente Amsterdam


Denis Dudorov

Head of OrgDev & TX



Juuso Hämäläinen

Founder & CEO

Tangible Growth


Hans de Nijs

Senior Business Consultant



Auke Peters

Agile People Coach



Alberto Libretti

Business Delivery Lead



Paul Niven


"Objectives & Key Results"


Andreea Havrișciuc

OKR Evangelist 

Metro Systems


Konstantin Khokhrin

OKR & Enterprise Agility expert


Arie-Jan Lommers

Product Lead

eBay Classifieds Group


Simon Bock

Customer Success



Patrik Olofsson

Chapter Lead




Where will the event take place?
This is an online event. All details regarding the platform will be communicated with you beforehand.

What language will be spoken during this event?

I'm not from the Netherlands, can I still attend?
Of course! Just keep in mind the talks are in English

Am I allowed to choose talks in various levels?
Of course! We clustered the talks to give a raw indication of the experience needed in order to understand the speaker.

I'm experiencing issues while ordering, who do I contact?
[email protected]

I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ, who do I contact?
[email protected]

I'm an OKR guru looking to participate as a speaker. Who do I contact?
[email protected]

General inquiries

Please contact [email protected]

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