Working together on your career

Working on an exciting project, experiencing a company culture that fits you perfectly, dealing with friendly colleagues, enjoying a good rate: freelancing life can be pretty cool.

Mark knows all about it. He experienced some setbacks, but is finally there where he belongs. Are you, like Mark, ready for a challenge customized just for you?



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As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose a project you like and that suits your skills and ambitions. However, dealing with all the rules, company policies, incomplete job descriptions and outstanding invoices can take up a great deal of energy. Why not outsource these annoying processes so that you can purely focus on your passion and personal development?




Find a project that suits you perfectly fast and easy


To ensure you'll end up working on an exciting project that's right for you, we'll help you with the entire process of your search. We gather all details that you need directly from the employer. All of our IT recruitment consultants are market specialists operating on one IT niche. This ensures there always is someone you can level with.

When working on the project of your dreams, we'll take things off your plate to make it as easy as possible for you. You'll finally be able to fully enjoy the freedom that comes with being a freelancing expert.


Our recruitment consultants are ready for you. Curious about how they can help? Contact us to find out!

Does Mark's story sound familiair to you? Take a look at our projects to see for yourself if there's a perfect fit!

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