Tech Talk: Cloud & Security (free)


Thursday, 14 March 2019

06:15 PM to 10:00 PM

Are you an infrastructure expert, cloud engineer or DevOps engineer who wants to be more aware of security in cloud environment? Than this Cloud & Security event is the place to be on March 14.

About the evening

The cloud is all over the place within IT, it is considered as a bless for modern agile IT environments.But while we are ‘outsourcing’ out old and our current IT Infrastructure to the cloud, questions of security, privacy and risks in this cloud environments are arising.

During this tech talk we will discover how the security – part in the cloud works and how aware we should be about this topic.

Talks & Speakers

Bojan Spasic (Sirris) will guide us through the fundamental cybersecurity considerations of web APIs – the crux of modern SaaS applications.

Jan Guldentops (B.A.) will take a through a no-nonsense approach to your work based on a mix of technology, methodology and plain common sense.

This Tech event is organized by Levi Claes from our Antwerp office.

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Cyber security, IT Security, CLOUD & INFRASTRUCTUUR, software development

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